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about shaun


" I moved to Cornwall from the Midlands in 2002  and set up a small business renovating and maintaining properties and gardens in the beautiful fishing village of Polperro.


Always having admired the beautiful, ancient stonework of Cornish buildings, hedges and walls, I developed an interest in traditional, low impact landscaping and building methods.

When a client asked me to appoint a stonemason in a garden I managed, I saw my opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. I appointed a local waller,  watched, assisted and then built - quickly developing an eye for the right stone. Managing this build was truly challenging and rewarding. The final phase of the project was designed and completed by myself. The project went on to last 6 years and used 1000 tonnes of blue slate - all handballed to a site which was completely inaccessible by vehicles! It is now known as "The Great Wall of Polperro" and is a local landmark & marker for those at sea.

Working in dry stone  entranced me, I booked my exam dates with the Dry Stone Walling Association of GB and my wife, Nikki and I decided to set up "earth & stone"

In 2014 I passed my intermediate level certification.  I have recently completed my instructor training with the Dry Stone Walling Association of GB and hope to offer beginners courses in the near future. I am working towards my advanced level certificatioation "

Professional Member of the DRY STONE WALLING ASSOCIATION of GB

about earth & stone


Established in 2015, earth & stone aims to bring the beauty of natural stonework to your landscape.


We love the ancient heritage craft of dry stone walling and firmly believe in using these old techniques to create new and innovative pieces.  So far we have used this traditional, timeless art form to build walls, garden features, sculptures, fire pits, garden steps -

though we are always looking out for opportunities to create something new and different.

Because each of our projects is unique we are very flexible in our approach to any project. We can guide you on planning stonework into your project or work to plans drawn up by landscape designers. Though we are based in South East Cornwall and usually work across the south west, we are also willing to travel for the right project.

When we build a piece of stonework it is essential to pay great care and attention to every single stone that is placed in order to create something that possesses not only beauty and strength but also longevity. We apply this same work ethic towards our business, caring for every landscape we work on, every client relationship and every project we begin.

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